Shirley Jimerson

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Shirley Jimerson

Nation/Clan: Upper Tanana Athabascan of the Naltsiin Clan
Media: Bead work, storyteller, writer, tradition bearer and teacher of language

Artist Statement:

Alaska Native Crafts and Gifts by Shirley Jimerson
Welcome to my Alaska Native Crafts. My name is Shirley David-Jimerson, Upper Tanana Athabascan of the Naltsiin clan. I am originally from the village of Tetlin, Alaska. My late mother, Helen C. David (granddaughter of Chief Thomas) was originally from Wood River. My great grandfather Charlie David was the original Upper Tanana tribal member and the son of Chief David of Tetlin. As a young girl I learned to bead as most young Athabascan girls did. I grew up in a traditional way living off the land, traveling camp to camp. We are a hunting and gathering tribe. We as a family traveled the four seasons to winter, spring, summer and fall camps. I am very proud of my heritage and culture.

My work is the traditional beading style, each done individually by hand, making it a one-of-a-kind item. Therefore the beaded items (gloves, moccasins, and jewelry) will take time to make and send. I am a Silver Hand Artist. I am also a storyteller, writer, beader, tradition bearer and teacher of my language at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. I have worked regularly in teaching my culture to youngsters for more than 20 years.



First Name - Shirley
Last Name - Jimerson
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