Sheila Escobar


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Sheila Escobar

Nation/Clan: Mohawk/Turtle Clan
Media: Beadwork

Artist Resume:

NYSF, From the Earth Art and Craft Show, Iroquois Museum, Colgate University, Onondaga Arena, Hanover square, Saratoga, Tom Porter’s, Ganondagon, Falling Leaves Festival, CANAN, Bear Mountain, Two Row Wampum Campaign, Liverpool, Beacon, and NYC, OCC, Clinton Square, The Tee Pee, Hammondsport, Clinton Square Several Pow wow’s in PA, Tuscarora Valentine’s Craft’s, Fair, Green, NY., Liverpool’s Long Branch Park, Cornell University

Artist Statement:

I started sewing when I was young about 9 or 10 I’d say. My dad bought me the beads that got me started and with the help of my grandmother and my Uncle John.

I have learned to love beading in my later years. The things that kept me away from it so much of my life was my fingers getting poked by the very sharp needles at every turn when I was young.  Now let’s talk about the knots. We used to sew with cotton thread and run them thru beeswax and every other turn came the knots,  Very discouraging these thing were to me. Now with modern nimo thread and the pellon, things that were very much a hindrance to me, don’t seem to matter when the sharp needle pokes me, at least not as much as it used to.
I started taking a beadwork class from Karenlynn Hill and I see how far I’ve come along with her help.

I really enjoy seeing each piece start to unfold as I see it in my head. Kind of a nice feeling when people like your work and you can say I made that.



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