Otatdoadah W. Homer

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Otatdoadah W. Homer

Native American Herbal Medicine
Nation/Clan: Oneida/Wolf
Media: Herbalist

Artist Resume:

Never underestimate the power of a plant!
Native Americans have always used plants for medicinal purposes. Most of the medicines on the market today have been derived from plants and herbs. Buffalo Spirit Herbal medicines are all natural formulas and remedies designed by Native American herbalist Otatdodah Homer. Each product is prepared with wild crafted, organic herbs. Since 1982 Otatdodah has been making medicines for the public. Growing up on the Onondaga Indian reservation, her grandfather had herbal remedies for many ailmens and taught them to her. Years later, after suffering from multiple ailments due to her lifelong battle with rheumatoid arthritis, Otatdodah decided to go back to these herbal medicines. Honing her craft and specifying medicines for herself, she knew that if the medicines worked for her, they would work for others whom also had these needs. Helping her others was her first intention and Otatdodah is a living testimony to her products.
Products include:
High Blood pressure tincture
Arthritis medicine 100 count capsule
Diabetes formula
Fibromyalgia formula capsules
Immune system booster tincture
Heart medicine 100 count capsules
Menstrual regulator and pain combatant 100 count capsules
Phlebitis formula 100 count capsule
Menopause relief tincture
Vision enhance formual 100 count
Kidney Infection formula
Bone Healer
Anti Stroke tincture
Liver Detoxifier 100 count capsule
Abnormal cell tincture
Anti-parasites tincture
Asthma tincture
Herbal cough syrup
Healing Salve
Comfort Zone
Sleep Aide
Poison Ivy Spray
Herbal Anti-Diarrhea formula
We do not make any therapeutic claims for Dietary Supplements. If rash or reaction occurs discontinue usage.
Phone: (315) 478-7919 or E-mail: llatocha1@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook. Payment by Check or Money Orders accepted. Make payable to Lisa Latocha, 4205 Skenadoa Way, Oneida, NY 13421


First Name - Otatdoadah W.
Last Name - Homer
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