Monica M. Antone-Watson

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Monica M. Antone-Watson

Nation/Clan: Mohawk /Wolf
Media: Knitting/Crocheting: Blankets/Throws and Shawls; Sewing: No-face dolls, Traditional Haudenosaunee Outfits, Quilting, Baby boards; Basket making; Beadwork: raise and flat

Artist Resume:

Currently working on getting a bachelors in Fiber and Textile Arts, while attending Syracuse University, with a minor in Native American studies and a certificate in Iroquois Linguistics. I have worked with Native American students from Kindergarten up to 12th grade, for 15 years, teaching them about Native culture. We worked on making their own traditional outfits, cornhusk dolls, storytelling, traditional Haudenosaunee games, also taught them awareness and giving them pride in their culture, thereby raising their self-esteem. I have won many ribbons at the New York State Fair Indian Village. My artwork was displayed in the Fenimore Art Museum. I made dance outfits worn in the “The New World” theater production, held at the Flynn Mainstage, Burlington, VT, 2009.

Artist Statement:

I grew up on the Oneida Reservation in Ontario, Canada. My sisters and I lived with my grandparents after my parents passed away in a car accident. My grandmother Betsy taught me basket making, sewing, crocheting, beading, gardening and cooking. She also taught me about our native culture while making whatever project we were working on. I enjoy working with children teaching them about our culture. I currently live on the Oneida Indian Territory in Oneida NY. I have 6 grandchildren that I share and pass on my knowledge with the next generation. My artwork expresses many of the things that I have learned over the years, using traditional Haudenosaunee culture.



First Name - Monica M.
Last Name - Antone-Watson
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