Lawrence K. Huff Jr.

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Lawrence K. Huff Jr.

Nation/Clan: Seneca/Cayuga descendant
Media: Gustoweh making

Artist Statement:

I started taking Iroquois Cultural Classes offered by the Seneca Nation Education Department (Horn Rattle, Snowsnake, and Gustoweh class by Mike Snyder). These classes have progressed into my making of Gustoweh’s for all Haudenosaunee. I make the Gustoweh either with 1 ½” Ash Wood Splints which is covered by leather and felt on top then adorned with Eagle, Hawk, Pheasant, Grouse, Turkey, and Duck feathers. I also use 1 ½” Strap Leather frame which is darkened with shoe polish with the feather bundles tied to the leather frame. The Gustoweh is also used to identify an individual’s nation. A man who has one Eagle feather pointing skyward is identified as Seneca. Each nation has their own way of identifying each other by their feather position.

While taking the class directed by Mike Snyder I met up with Donald “Flip” White to broaden my Gustoweh creations. I have recently taught a class on how to make a Gustowehs. I have a Gustoweh displaying in the United Nations building. My main goal is to have every boy/man to have his own Gustoweh or be able to teach them the basic of making their own Gustoweh.


First Name - Lawrence K.
Last Name - Huff Jr.
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