Darice Sampson

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Darice Sampson

Nation/Clan: Seneca/Snipe
Media: Native clothes and enhanced with beadwork, contemporary woman’s skirts, ribbon shirts with sky domes, canandaiqua treat quilts.

Artist Resume:

I started sweing when I was 13 yrs. old making fancy shawl outfits and took a couple classes in junior high & high school. After school I worked for a couple different designers and learned some of my sewing techiniques from othe dancers and performers. I haven’t really put work in exhibits although many dancers wear my work. Over the 42 years of my sewing, I can finally reaching a skill level that speaks for itself.

Artist Statement:

I make it because I like the creativity and it helps to keep the preservation of native people and their culture alive. I make my pieces with different materials, ribbons and sometimes beads. On personal orders, I like to know a little bit about the person for example – clancolors and what they will be using final piece for/ It is important to me because as our numbers of native people dwindle the importance of our existence is priceless.



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Last Name - Sampson
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