Pamela Rice

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Pamela Rice

Nation/Clan: Seneca/Bear Clan
Media: Basketry and bead work

Artist Resume:

I have an AAS Marketing Degree from Monroe Community College and was employed at many Rochester, New York corporations until I retired in 1999.
I resided at Cattaraugus Reserve during my primary years with my mother, Dinah (Seneca) Kelly until my dad returned from WWII in September of 1945. Also, I am alumni of the Thomas Indian School, where I lived as a child when my mother was ill. I have been close to my heritage, in spite of not residing at Cattaraugus during my adult years. It’s a wonderful experience to now connect with the NRAG and experience all the talented and wonderful crafts made by incredible artists/natives.

Artist Statement:

My basket making skills started in September, 1997, when I took classes from Paula Welch, who resides in Avon, NY. I made every basket the first year that was offered – 21 baskets. I’ve always loved and have been very passionate about basket making. My grandmother, Lutia (Warrior) Seneca made baskets and used to sell them on Rte. 438 for $1, probably in the 40’s and 50’s.
After many years, I had the opportunity to learn many different styles of basket making. I have also submitted baskets to the Fall Festival. Many of the baskets that I’ve made I gave away as gifts or donated. Our home is decorated with many of the baskets that I’ve made.
Four years ago I started classes for bead work at a workshop in Wabasso, FL. I continue to take classes every year. I started with string beading, and then Peyote, and different styles using many different kinds and sizes of beads. Recently I learned “Braiding with Beads” on a Kumihimo Disk that is a Japanese art and “Native Loom Beading.” I really enjoy both of these crafts, and plan to continue learning other styles and methods of beading.



5224 East Lake Road , Livonia , NY
(585) 346-5617 – Cell: (585) 281-5480 or


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