Adrian John

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Adrian John

Nation/Clan: Seneca/Allegany Territory/Hawk
Media: Native art sculpture & mixed media, carving, sculpture, mixed media contemporary & traditional Native arts

Artist Resume:

I was born and raised on the Allegany Indian Territory where I still reside raising my 3 boys in much the same way I was raised. I have a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies with minors in Native American Studies and Studio Art from Oswego State College. I am also finishing up my requirements for a Masters in Initial Teacher Certification from Buffalo State College.
I currently work at the Seneca Nation Education Department as the Culture and Language Liason. Prior to this I was working at the Tribal Historic Preservation Office as a project coordinator and the Faithkeepers School as a Language Intern, where I also ran some student programming including a summer program. I have worked in the field of education since graduating college and I believe that is my calling in this life to learn myself and teach or instruct others on Seneca history, culture, language and arts.

In college I took classes in sculpting, jewelry making, print making and drawing which I believe helped me refine my techniques. I have been mainly self taught in our traditional arts and crafts forms, though I must admit to having learned a lot by watching local artisans.

I receive inspiration from seeing others work. When I attend museums, dance shows, pow wows or craft shows, seeing others work gives me motivation to go and make my own art. Also seeing our traditional historical pieces of work that have been left by our Seneca ancestors on pottery, wooden ladles, beaded or quilled bags and moccasins, truely inspiration me.

I am available to do presentation on art forms, history, culture and the life ways of the Seneca People. At this time, my artwork focuses on carving stone and wood. But I also do leather work, bead work, graphic art, painting and drawing.

To purchase art work or to inquire about a cultural presentation or art workshop, please contact Adrian at (716) 474-7218 or

Artist Statement:

I am self taught in a variety of different art forms including contemporary and traditional Native arts. Deeply inspired by my Seneca culture, much of my work portrays Native American themes. Currently, I am focusing on carving and sculpting.



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