Online Gallery


  • Wood carving by Adrian John.

  • Original Artwork by Lyle Logan.

  • Splint Ball Ornaments by Penelope Minner.

  • Original Beadwork by Mary Jacobs.

  • Original Artwork by Tom Huff.

  • Original Artwork by Norman Jimerson.

  • Original Artwork by Lyle Logan.

  • Strawberry Collar by Mary Clause

Native people have a special connection to the world in which they live, a connection reflected in their artwork.  Landscapes, sky domes, plants, animals, and other gifts from the Creator are often incorporated in their one of a kind pieces of art. 

Members of the Native Roots Artists Guild represent a wide range of artistic disciplines from ancestral art forms utilizing all natural materials to contemporary works of art that employ new and unexpected materials.  Whether its stunning paintings, colorful beadwork, creative corn husk, or intricate carvings the artists continue to keep their culture alive through their art and the Guild ensures its beauty, quality, and authenticity.

Feel free to scroll through and click on the images in the Gallery above to see what catches your eye.  To delve deeper visit the individual artists’ pages under the “Artists” tab above.  If you see something you like contact the artist directly to see if it’s available for purchase or to commission a similar piece.