Artist: Karenlyne Hill
Nation/Clan: Onondaga/ Snipe
Media: Bead work

Address: RR#1 Box 322, Nedrow, NY 13120
Phone: 315-278-1045


Karenlyne Hill


Artist Statement:
I make my form of artwork because I love to sew. I don’t know if my bead
work “signifies” anything other than a dish of small beads can be turned into a
beautiful piece of art. No secret on how to sew, just get the right teacher, never
feel like you know everything and practice, practice, practice. It’s important
because we need to keep this tradition going and teach whomever wants to learn
and passing it down.

Artist Resume:
I have no “art” education only a good teacher who still teaches me to this
day. I’ve displayed my work at the New York State Fair, won a few prizes and
ribbons. My mom has a table at the fair and she sells my bead work there. I have
had pieces displayed at a local art gallery, and sold there also.

Beaded vamps included in the Walking With Our Sisters art exhibit which has been displayed at:
University of Alberta (2013)
First Nations University Gallery (2013)
G'zaagin Art Gallery (2014)